World of Pears!

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Wut Wut human, we welcome you to our new blog.

We shall be clear, this blog has for only purpose to serve the interest of the Pear Consortium by emphasizing on the fact that Pear is the best and tastiest fruit in ze World .

  • A Pear? What is that? A sweet potato? No my son, it is the fruit of eternity: “Check out the Nutritional Benefits to learn more!”
  • You always dreamt of undressing our robes by going on a peeling spree but you did not know where to go from there: ” Check out our tasty recipes!”
  • Krrr, Dzzzzz, Vrrrrrrr, crushing, mixing, blending are what you do best: a fruit holocaust for an epileptic flavor explosion in your mouth that makes you ready to vanquish the day or own the night: “Check out our delicious Smoothies & smart Cocktails!”
  • Medical Use – well, we both know it is intriguing enough for you to click on it…

In one word, Pears are pearfact!


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