One Symbol, One Community!


The AnonyPears

This statement is the motto of Pear in order to attract dear eaters like you. Pears are fun and tasty so we deserve to catch your attention and be enjoyed!

Pear’s Religion

Worship the Pear! To become a Budda pear is not given to any pears, only the most dedicated ones will be able to elevate themselves to a new state of enlightment. However, if you succeed, it will lead you where almost no pear has gone before: the divine taste!

To know better about the way to become a true budda master, go righ away to our cooking and drinking section.


Have Pear Laugh!

We have to admit it, being a Pear is not an easy task: not as famous as an apple, sometimes even mistaken with a potato, even though we are way sweeter and tender… Life does not go soft on us but what keep us going is that after every harsh day, we tend to chill out on a hot tub full of chocolate at the Fruity Mansion drinking and eating sweet and tasty recipes!

And that, you can’t deny it, my human friend, is worth every single dessert!