Cancer Wars: A Pear Hope!

It is a period of doubt. Cancers are spreading all around us. Hidden pears, eaten once a day have won  their first victory against  the evil woman lung cancer. During this snack, pear spies managed to steal secret plans to the cancer ultimate weapon, the Unawareness of Eating Pears to fight breast cancer. Pursued by the cancer’s sinister agents, Princess Pearfact  races home aboard her garden, custodian of the stolen plans that can save many women and restore health to the galaxy…

To know more about breast cancer: visit and our health benefits section to learn how pear can help women to prevent it.


Teddy Pear

Pear courage and might are well-known through the whole fruit kingdom. Such powers frequently lead to myths, legends and inspired numerous tales that still vibrate in any fruit education. As a consequence, every single little fruit has received one at Xmas: a mighty fluffy pear that will fight and protect any monstruosity coming from evil nightmares!