Cooking Recipes

Cooking with pears is widely underestimated. In the 12th century when Duke NepomukIV of Meklenburg-Vorpommern demanded that pears have to become one of the staple ingredients of every household in the Reich, he published his own favorite dishes with pears and let it being nailed down on every Maibaum in each market place in his ‘Herzogtum’. When we heard about this Pearfact idea of this Pearfact man, we tried to assemble these Pearfact dishes to share them with us. We found out, that unfortunately these recipes got into the hands of savages from a big island when they came on their crusades across the area and they changed and forced everyone to cook it with apples instead of Pearfact pears. To make a long story short, in the following recipes we tried to restore the original dishes made with the Pearfact ingredient pear. Hope you find them Pearfact, too!


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